Classic Pinot Grigio Hilltops 2023

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Our Pinot Grigio style is a light-bodied, often lean wine that is light in colour with bright flavours that are crisp and fresh. The small dark skinned berries produce a refreshing white wine of nashi pear and red apple; the palate is delicately textured and bright. A refreshing and expressive white wine that showcases the unique characteristics of both the grape variety and the terroir of the Hilltops region.

Here's how a Pinot Grigio from the Hilltops region presents:

  1. Colour: Pale straw to light gold, with a hint of green, reflecting its youthful and vibrant nature.
  2. Aromas: The wine does offer a bouquet of delicate and inviting aromas. Expect fresh notes of green apple, pear, and citrus fruits like lemon and lime. Floral scents, such as white blossoms or hints of honeysuckle, might also be present, adding a touch of elegance to the aromatic profile.
  3. Palate: On the palate, the Pinot Grigio showcases crisp acidity and a light to medium body. The primary fruit flavours from the aromas, such as green apple and citrus, does translate to the palate, offering a lively and refreshing sensation. The wine's texture is smooth and slightly silky, contributing to its overall drinkability.
  4. Finish: The finish is clean, zesty, and relatively short, leaving a crisp and invigorating impression on the palate.
  5. Food Pairing: Pinot Grigio is known for its versatility when it comes to food pairing. The wine's bright acidity and fresh fruitiness make it an excellent companion for a variety of dishes. It does pair well with light and fresh fare such as seafood salads, grilled white fish, sushi, and dishes with lemon-based sauces. It's also a great choice for appetizers and light cheeses.
  6. Youthful Enjoyment: Pinot Grigio wines are often intended to be enjoyed in their youth when their vibrant fruit and refreshing qualities are at their peak.
  7. Overall Impression: Our Pinot Grigio from the Hilltops region does embody the characteristics of a classic and well-made example of the variety. Its approachable nature, balanced acidity, and straightforward flavours does make it a delightful option for casual sipping, outdoor gatherings, or pairing with a range of light and fresh dishes.


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Hungerford Hill is a boutique estate in the heart of the Hunter Valley making distinguished wines that are regional and authentic.


Amazing wine tasting experience - very knowledgeable team who took the time to answer all our questions and let us try a huge selection. The wine is fantastic and we had an amazing cheese platter too. If you are in the Hunter make sure you visit!!

Mat Stevens

Andre & Lilly were perfect host, after a perfect tasting we were taken to the cellar to see see how everything is created. The smells in the cellar room alone were amazing well worth the experience. 5 stars.

Patrick M Wolfe

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