Classic Shiraz Hilltops 2021

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Awards won:

Gold Royal Melbourne Wine Show
Trophy Highlands Wine Show

A medium-bodied Shiraz wine from the Hilltops region of Australia in the 2021 vintage is described as follows:

Colour: Deep ruby red with purple tinges, indicating youth and vibrancy.

Aromas: The wine might present a complex bouquet of red and dark fruit aromas. Look for notes of ripe blackberries, dark cherries, and plums. Spicy elements such as black pepper and a hint of clove is intertwined with subtle hints of dried herbs and a touch of smokiness.

Palate: On the palate, the medium-bodied Shiraz does offer a harmonious balance of flavours and textures. Ripe fruit flavours from the nose might carry over, accompanied by nuances of dark chocolate and possibly a touch of espresso. The wine's texture is velvety and smooth, with moderate tannins providing structure without overwhelming the palate.

Oak Influence: There is a moderate oak influence. Look for delicate notes of vanilla and hints of toasty oak that enhance the wine's complexity and depth.

Spice and Complexity: The Hilltops terroir does contribute a layer of spice and complexity to the wine, adding to its overall character and appeal.

Finish: The finish is medium to long, with the wine's dark fruit flavours and gentle spice lingering on the palate. Balanced acidity would provide a satisfying conclusion.

Food Pairing: The medium body and balanced characteristics of this Shiraz make it suitable for a variety of food pairings. It is a great match for grilled meats such as lamb or pork, as well as roasted poultry dishes. Dishes with earthy components like mushroom risotto does also complement the wine's profile.

Ageability: This Shiraz does have the potential to age gracefully over a few years, allowing its flavours to evolve and integrate further.

Overall Impression: The 2021 medium-bodied Shiraz from the Hilltops region does represent a classic style that is well-balanced and versatile. Its combination of fruit, spice, and structure does make it an attractive choice for those seeking a red wine that is both approachable and complex, showcasing the intersection of the grape's character and the unique attributes of the Hilltops terroir.



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Hungerford Hill is a boutique estate in the heart of the Hunter Valley making distinguished wines that are regional and authentic.


Amazing wine tasting experience - very knowledgeable team who took the time to answer all our questions and let us try a huge selection. The wine is fantastic and we had an amazing cheese platter too. If you are in the Hunter make sure you visit!!

Mat Stevens

Andre & Lilly were perfect host, after a perfect tasting we were taken to the cellar to see see how everything is created. The smells in the cellar room alone were amazing well worth the experience. 5 stars.

Patrick M Wolfe

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