Classic Verdelho Hunter Valley 2024

Classic Verdelho Hunter Valley 2024

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A fresh and vibrant expression of this white grape variety. Verdelho is known for its aromatic qualities and lively acidity, and the minimal intervention approach would aim to preserve these characteristics.

Here what you can expect from our Verdelho:

Colour: Pale straw to light lemon, showcasing its youthful and crisp appearance.

Aromas: The wine does present an aromatic bouquet bursting with fresh and fruity aromas. Expect vibrant citrus notes like lemon and lime zest, along with hints of tropical fruits such as pineapple and perhaps a touch of passion fruit. Floral elements, such as white blossoms or hints of honeysuckle, might also be present.

Palate: On the palate, the Verdelho does exhibit a light to medium body with a focus on bright and zesty flavours. The citrus and tropical fruit notes from the nose might translate seamlessly to the palate, offering a refreshing and lively sensation. The wine's acidity is the driving force, providing a crisp and invigorating mouthfeel.

Texture: Without skin contact or barrel maturation, the wine's texture is clean and lean, emphasizing its pure fruit character and acidity.

Mineral Notes: Verdelho wines from the Hunter Valley often showcase a distinctive mineral undertone, possibly contributing a flinty or stony quality to the overall profile.

Finish: The finish is brisk and refreshing, with the wine's citrusy and tropical fruit flavours lingering on the palate.

Food Pairing: The wine's bright acidity and clean fruitiness make it an excellent match for a variety of dishes. Consider pairing it with seafood, such as grilled shrimp or scallops, light salads, ceviche, or even sushi.

Youthful Enjoyment: Verdelho wines are often intended to be enjoyed in their youth when their vibrant fruit and refreshing qualities are at their peak. They are perfect for warm weather and outdoor gatherings.

Minimal Intervention: The stainless steel fermentation and lack of barrel maturation aim to highlight the Verdelho grape's inherent characteristics without introducing external influences.

Overall Impression: A Verdelho wine from the Hunter Valley, made with minimal intervention, offers an unadulterated representation of the grape's freshness and aromatic nature. Its lively acidity, tropical fruit notes, and clean palate make it an ideal choice for those seeking a crisp and invigorating white wine that captures the essence of the grape and the region.

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Hungerford Hill is a boutique estate in the heart of the Hunter Valley making distinguished wines that are regional and authentic.


Amazing wine tasting experience - very knowledgeable team who took the time to answer all our questions and let us try a huge selection. The wine is fantastic and we had an amazing cheese platter too. If you are in the Hunter make sure you visit!!

Mat Stevens

Andre & Lilly were perfect host, after a perfect tasting we were taken to the cellar to see see how everything is created. The smells in the cellar room alone were amazing well worth the experience. 5 stars.

Patrick M Wolfe

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