Dalwood Estate Tempranillo Touriga 2022

Dalwood Estate Tempranillo Touriga 2022

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Inspired by the original plantings, the Tempranillo & Touriga are now back in this historic vineyard, reviving the property of this rich history. 2022 is the second harvest in the this recent chapter for the vineyard producing a savoury and medium bodied dry red.


The 2022 Tempranillo-Touriga blend from Dalwood Estate, situated in the heart of the Hunter Valley, is a captivating wine that marries the rich flavours of these two distinctive grape varieties. The decision to pick both Tempranillo and Touriga grapes simultaneously and co-ferment them showcases the winemaking team's innovative approach, resulting in a wine of exceptional character and complexity.

The nose of this blend offers a delightful melange of aromas. The Tempranillo's characteristics contribute dark fruit notes, possibly blackberries and cherries, with a hint of subtle spice. Meanwhile, the Touriga grape brings its own aromatic contribution, with hints of floral and perhaps violet nuances that enhance the overall aromatic profile. This combination creates a bouquet that is both inviting and intriguing, inviting you to explore further.

On the palate, the wine reveals its harmonious union. The co-fermentation of these varieties has allowed them to intertwine seamlessly, resulting in a wine that is greater than the sum of its parts. The Tempranillo's juicy fruitiness is balanced by the Touriga's floral and possibly herbal elements, creating a layered and multidimensional taste experience. The use of old French oak barriques imparts subtle nuances of spice, vanilla, and a touch of earthiness that enhances the wine's complexity without overpowering its core flavours.

The structure of this blend is likely to be well-balanced, with the Tempranillo contributing a medium body and smooth tannins, while the Touriga's tannins might add a touch of grip and a lingering texture. This combination provides a pleasing mouthfeel that guides the wine across the palate.

The finish of the wine is likely to be satisfyingly long and persistent. The intertwining of flavorus and the influence of oak create a final note that lingers, inviting contemplation and reflection on the intricate layers of the blend.


Hungerford Hill is a boutique estate in the heart of the Hunter Valley making distinguished wines that are regional and authentic.


Amazing wine tasting experience - very knowledgeable team who took the time to answer all our questions and let us try a huge selection. The wine is fantastic and we had an amazing cheese platter too. If you are in the Hunter make sure you visit!!

Mat Stevens

Andre & Lilly were perfect host, after a perfect tasting we were taken to the cellar to see see how everything is created. The smells in the cellar room alone were amazing well worth the experience. 5 stars.

Patrick M Wolfe

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