Autumn Wines: Our Fall Favourites

Autumn Wines: Our Fall Favourites

Few sights are more beautiful than trees with brilliant foliage—bold reds, yellows, oranges, and browns. It's a special and beautiful time of year, some even go on to say, the best time of year! 

Our General manager and senior winemaker, Bryan Currie, believes Autumn to be all about “pinot, followed by pinot and a little more pinot!” So, here we wanted to share with you our season’s best pinot’s (whites and reds) and other fall favourites to enjoy.

Here’s our Autumnal wine hit-list, that’ll suit any occasion:

2021 Hungerford Hill Pinot Gris, Tumbarumba, RRP $27.

A cool mountain climate wine, crisp, yet rich from smaller, darker-skinned berries. The darker, richer skin allows for a fuller (medium-bodied) white wine than some expect from a gris. A textural wine, with green apple and pear, melon, and hints of stone fruit shine through.

The texture, and richness from the wine lends itself perfectly to delicate foods like sashimi, or other Japanese-inspired dishes. Calamari, or mushroom tofu also work well as the wines texture plays against the silkiness of the foods, and is complemented by the wine’s natural acidity, length, and gentle white pepper spice.


2017 Hungerford Hill Single Vineyard Semillon, Hunter Valley, RRP $55.

Hunter semillon, a truly unique and identifiable wine, proudly perfected in our vineyards. Our 2017 semillon, grown along the banks of the Hunter River, in alluvial sandy loam soils is an aged wine, cellared and developed for your enjoyment. 

A wine with mellow, soft citrus and lemongrass flavours; hints of melon extending the length and texture of the wine. Pairing well with soft cheeses, cold cuts or cured meats, and those foods with dill or chive and other soft herbs, complement the citrus and lemongrass nuances of the wine.


Our chardonnays are really something special, carefully curated from two iconic and distinctive regions. Both have a great depth of flavour and sing in perfect harmony throughout this change of season.

2021 Hungerford Hill Single Vineyard Chardonnay, Hunter Valley, RRP $40.

A fresh and earthy chardonnay, grown in alluvial sandy loam soils, produces ripe, exotic-peach and melon on the front palate. Creamy cashew and well-integrated oak add complexity and length to this chardonnay. 

Best suited with roast white meats – think roast chicken, turkey, or vegetarian fare where the hints of cashew and melon from the wine align and lift together. 


2021 Hungerford Hill Chardonnay, Tumbarumba, RRP $40.

A chardonnay from the higher altitudes of the Revee Vineyard, nestled in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains. Great natural acidity from the altitude and cooler location – this wine showcases toasted hazelnut, marzipan, and exotic citrus on the nose, with fleshy white nectarine, and spice extending on the palate with every sip. 

The added richness from the wine going through malolactic fermentation (MLF) ensures a fuller, bold wine – able to stand up to richer pasta dishes, poached chicken, or saffron-inspired dishes and curries. This wine is one of our go-to’s as the days grow shorter! 


2021 Hungerford Hill Pinot Meunier, Tumbarumba, RRP $45.

A rarely made table wine, yet perfect for those looking for a lighter style red. Working with both whole bunches and de-stemmed berries, the smaller dark fruit has an intense morello cherry, mulberry leaf and white pepper. Ripe, opulent fruit, with hints of vegetal savouriness (from the whole bunches), adds further complexity and length to the wine. 

An option for the warmer Autumnal days as we like to chill this wine and serve with lighter salads, BBQ white meats or vegetables. We’re looking to foods that sing alongside the natural acidity and tannin of the wine. We like to use a BBQ, or hibachi to add flavour to the protein we’re cooking with. This not only adds ample flavour, but helps to soften the tannin, and makes the food taste richer.


2022 Hungerford Hill Underground Project Pinot Noir, Tumbarumba, RRP $50.

Our new kid on the block, the 2022 Underground Project Pinot Noir is a fresh, new pinot from our Tumbarumba vineyards. With carbonic fermentation allowing for a juicier, fragrant, and lighter wine, the time in skins (during fermentation) also gives us a vibrant, and richer colour. Strawberries and cream, black and red cherry work to excite the palate with the natural acidity shining through.

Autumn wines, call for seasonal produce. The best match for our Underground Project Pinot is to look to ripe, fruit-inspired savoury dishes. Using ripe figs, fresh grapes, or pomegranate seeds to garnish salads, or other main dishes complement the gentle fruit sweetness of the wine and finishing acidity.


2021 Hungerford Hill Pinot Noir, Tumbarumba, RRP $45. 

A fragrant, lighter style pinot, with an elegant pepper spice, soft herbs, and earthiness to the finish. Ripe red cherry notes and soft spice – an elegant wine, with finesse and complexity. The mix of whole bunch and de-stemmed berries encourages the wines floral perfume, and light vegetal characters lifting from the glass.

The balance and complexity of our 2021 pinot makes for a versatile wine for any seasonal menu. Fresh and local produce featuring dishes with slow-roasted beets, carrots, eggplant, pumpkin, or sweet potatoes are just some of the season’s best to work in unison with our pinot. Finished with soft herbs and seasonal cheeses (think chevre, fresh ricotta or burrata), complement perfectly with the herbaceous nuance of the wine.


2021 Hungerford Hill Sangiovese, Hilltops, RRP $45.

Our Sangiovese from the Hilltops region, has spent three months on skins, adding complexity, tannin, length and structure to the wine. A savoury wine, exhibiting gentle vanilla, cedar, thyme, and soft herbs on the nose. It continues to deliver with silky tannins, juicy black cherry and cedar, lengthened with the natural acidity on the palate.  

It's the perfect wine for mid-week pizzas or your favourite Italian pasta. A versatile wine that likes to be around rich tomato-based dishes, married with soft herbs of thyme and rosemary. A marriage made in heaven we’d say!


However, you’re enjoying the change of season, we know these wines are perfectly suited to whatever decides to knock on your front door. Be it a wine to sink into a slow-roasted Sunday with family or spice up homemade pizza with mates during the week, our Autumn wine hit-list is sure to inspire and impress.

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